Solar solutions

 Solar Geysers technology  offers the ultimate solar energy solutions for you to save money in South Africa. Want to save on electricity bills? Contact Solar Geysers Technology today!

Solar geyser variety

Depening on your needs, Solar Geysers Technology makes sure they can fullfill every aspect for your solar geyser requirements to best suit your hosehold with hot water.

Converting to solar

Solar Geysers Technology solar conversions. Converting to  solar  comes at ease as Solar Geysers Technology provides excellent quality solar geyser converion systems or thermosyphon solar systems.

Solar weather

Like most high-quality  solar geysers , Solar Geysers Technology offers quality solar geyser systems which is SABS approved to work in all weather conditions. You'll never be let without hot water.

Solar Energy solutions by Solar Geysers Technology

Solar Geysers Technology offers efficient energy solutions which is also installed by accredited and licensed dealers. Being one of the largest solar geyser suppliers in South Africa, Solar Geysers Technology supplies a freat variety of solar energy systems to solar geyser installers in the country. Solar Geysers Technology provides efficient high-pressure solar geysers which are very popular in Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. Buying a solar geyser from Solar Geysers Technology, you reveive a 10-year warranty. Also, all their solar geyser products are SABS registered therefore, you get a quality solar product. Solar Geysers Technology accommodates for commercial, residential and industrial industries going solar. They are also an established company which is highly recommended for solar conversions. Also, Solar Geysers Technology provides affordable  solar geyser prices  on all their solar system products. Do you require solar energy solutions? Reach out to Solar Geysers Technology and they'll provide all the solar solutions you might require.

  • Solar Geysers Technology Retrofit flat plate solar geysers

  • Retrofit flat plate solar geysers are basically the very popular flat panel solar geysers. Solar Geysers Technology offer excellent quality Retrofit flat plate geysers which are all fully thermo-syphon systems. There are two variations of retrofit flat plate solar geysers offered by Solar Geysers Technology which include:

  • Solar Geysers Technology 150L flat panel conversion

  • The 150l Retrofit flat plate solar geyser conversion is an excellent solar product for smaller households.

  • Solar Geysers Technology 200L flat panel conversion

  • The 200l Retrofit flat plate solar geyser conversion is outstanding for small to medium sized households.

  • Solar Geysers Technology also provides evacuated tube solar geyser systems

  • This is a thermo tube solar geyser conversion system with a hot water tank which could save you great amounts of money. Solar Geysers Technology offers a variety of solar tank sizes depending on your needs. Tank sizes for evacuated tube solar geyser systems vary from 100l to 1000l tanks.

  • Solar conversion kits solar geyser systems from Solar Geysers Technology

  • Also, the Solar conversion kits are thermosyphon solar systems. These systems are full pumped systems which generate hot water very effectively. The common Solar conversion kits are 150l, 200l and 300l solar geyser systems. Although, you can enquire for up to a 1000l solar water tank systems depending on your needs.  Get in touch  with  Best Solar Geysers SA  today for more information regarding solar geyser systems.

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Solar Geysers Technology Solar Geyser Products

For all your solar geyser and solar energy solutions, see Solar Geysers Technology's solar geyser products offered in the Western Cape.

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