Solar Marketing 

With solar marketing, Solar Guru is one of the best ranked solar geyser company across South Africa on major search engines such as Google.

Solar geyser variety

Solar Guru offers any popular solar geyser system available to save on  hot water bills  to residents of South Africa and their needs.

Converting to solar

Solar Guru makes it very easy to convert your electrical geyser with solar geyser flat panels and solar geyser tube systems.

Solar weather

All the solar geyser products from Solar Guru works great in all weather conditions. Solar geyser installations are inclusive to all solar geyser prices.

Solar Guru a leading solar geyser supplier

With so many leading solar geyser product suppliers to choose from, Solar Guru is defnitely one of the best. Buying a solar geyser from Solar Guru has a great amount of benefits which include:

  • Affordable and excellent solar geyser prices

  • Solar Guru includes solar geyser installations

  • 5 Year manufacturing warrantee on solar products

  • Solar geyser conversion systems

Why  Best Solar Geysers SA  chose SolarGuru?

With so many leading solar geyser product suppliers to choose from, SolarGuru is defnitely one of the best. Buying a solar geyser from Solar Guru offers you the whole solar package at an excellent  cost . SolarGuru offers Apollo solar geyser systems and Apollo solar geyser conversion systems. To top it off, they also provide SolarRay  solar geysers  and their own widely known Guru solar geyser systems. Thousands of solar geysers has been installed by SolarGuru and they are well known in the solar industry. By being one of the largest solar geyser suppliers in South Africa, you can count on them for all you solar installations and products.

Affordable solar geysers by SolarGuru

Offering competitive solar geyser prices which also includes an installation for premium quality solar hot water heaters. Their customer service on their solar products were rated very good. SolarGuru is very helpful and offers great assistance to meet their customers needs. Do you need a solar geyser for your home? You can find SolarGuru in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Capetown and in every part of South Africa. Invest in a quality and affordable solar geyser system today with SolarGuru. You won't regret it.

SABS approved solar geyser products

All the solar products available from Solar Guru are SABS approved which also comes with manufacturing warranties of 5 years. The solar geyser products from Solar Guru has been thoroughly tested and they live up to their name. All the SABS solar geysers frost resistant and offers you hot water no matter the season.  Contact  us today for any additional solar geyser supplier or geyser information. Or learn more about our company in our  about us  page.

See our 3 top solar geyser suppliers below:

Solar Guru Solar Geyser Products

A wide variety of solar products can be bought from Solar Guru. Here is a list of their most popular solar geyser systems.

Popular solar geyser products from Solar Guru