Apollo Solar marketing

Apollo Solar Technology has a goal to make as many people aware of their solar geyser products. Apollo does an excellent job with their solar marketing campaigns for their  solar geyser  products..

Solar geyser variety

Apollo Solar Technology also offers a wide variety of solar geyser products. With all their green Apollo solar geysers and also solar geyser conversions systems, you have many option to choose from.

Converting to solar

Already have an exisiting geyser and want to convert to solar? Solar geyser conversion products are available to best suit your requirements and budget from Apollo Solar Technology.

Solar weather

SABS approved Apollo solar geysers can stand against frost prone environments and produce hot water in any time throughout the year. They also guarantees hot water production and savings with their solar solutions.

 Apollo Solar Technology  solar geysers

A great amount of solar geyser products are available specifically to meet the needs of clients finaclially. Apollo Solar Technology's solar geysers are all high quality and very effricient in producing hot water. Their solar water heaters will defnitely be a great investment to save on your electrical hot water bills. Best Solar Geysers SA  recommeds solar geyser products from Apollo Solar Technology.

  • Go green with Apollo green solar geysers

  • Save money by investing in an Apollo solar geyser

  • 5 to 10 Year manufacturing warrantees on solar products

  • Convert your electrical geyser to a highly efficient solar geyser

Why choose Apollo Solar Technology?

There are so many solar geyser suppliers in South Africa, why choose Apollo Solar Technology? It's easy! They provide excellent solar geyser products. All their solar solutions are of the best quality and requires little to no maintenance. All their geysers are SABS apporoved and stood the test to prove it is high-quality solar products. Apollo Solar Technology has been in the industry for years to deliver solar geyser systems all over South Africa. With so many satisfied customers, it is easy to say that Apollo Solar Technology is one of the very best solar geyser suppliers known in South Africa.  Best Solar Geysers SA  rates Apollo Solar Technology asone of the best suppliers of selling high quality solar geyser products.

Affordable Apollo solar geysers

With the high  prices  of solar geysers in South Africa, Apollo Solar Technology wants to accomodate everyone with affordable Apollo solar geysers. Not only are Apollo solar geysers affordable to buy, also, they come with premium long-lasting capabilities and in return reduce the cost on your bills at the end of each month.

Green Apollo solar geysers are SABS approved

SABS approves solar geysers by testing the functionality, longlivity, quality and many other factors. By installing an Apollo solar geysers, you can be well ensured to receive a SABS approved product which is safe to use at your home. You're welcome to  contact  our solar experts for more information if you're unsure about the right solar geyser for your home.

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Apollo Solar Technology Solar Geyser Products

See the most common solar geyser products from Apollo Solar Technology below. If you require a solar geyser, visit Apollo Solar Technology today by clicking the button below.

Popular solar geyser products from Apollo Solar Technology