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We review and provide all the relevant information for the best solar geysers in South Africa. We help you to purchase the best possible solar geyser product currently available in South Africa.

We promise to bring the best solar geyser product information. We at Best Solar Geyser SA do all the research to offer you the best quality solar geyser products at affordable prices across South Africa. See the top 3 best solar geyser suppliers below for the best solar geyser products in South Africa. Working with solar geyser and solar energy experts, we do our testing bases on the solar geyser services delivered. We also review the quality and working performance of every solar geyser product. Our solar geyser experts also review after sales services after a solar geyser purchase has been conducted. Read more about our company and solar geyser information.

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Apollo Solar Technology Logo Solar Geyser Panel

Apollo Solar Technology

Solar geysers from  Apollo Solar Technology 

Apollo Solar Technology is a registered and leading solar geyser distributor all over South Africa.

Making use of a variety of leading Apollo solar geyser suppliers, Apollo Solar Technology provides high quality solar geysers for all your specific requirements. From Apollo high-pressure solar geysers, Apollo low-pressure solar geysers and Apollo solar geyser conversion systems. Retrofit solar geyser systems include flat panel solar geysers and Apollo tube solar geyser systems. With so many satisfied customers, Apollo Solar Technology is recommended for all your solar geyser needs. With Apollo Solar Technology you get high quality and also affordable solar geyser systems.

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Solar Geysers Technology logo on solar panels

Solar Geysers Technology

Solar geysers from  Solar Geysers Technology 

Solar Geysers Technology offers outstanding solar geyser services with marketing leading solar geyser products.

With so many years in the solar geyser industry, Solar Geysers Technology is a realiable and trusted solar geyser supplier. Solar Geysers Technology focus on providing residential, commercial and industrial high performance solar geyser systems. They are specialists with solar thermal heating systems and can provide all the information you require for solar heating systems. Solar Geysers Technology is on point with their general solar geyser services and also has excellent after sales services. Their solar geyser systems are SABS registered which ensures you with premium quality solar geyser systems.

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Solar Guru Logo Solar Geyser Panel

Solar Guru

Solar geysers from  Solar Guru 

Solar Guru definitely made their mark in the solar geyser industry of South Africa.

Solar Guru is proud to be a solar supplier for a wide variety of solar systems which include: solar geysers, retrofit solar geyser conversions, Guru Flat Panels, solar inverters and many solar energy products. Also, Solar Guru provides excellent  solar geysers  which is affordable and comes with great customer and after sales services. With experience comes quality services and products, Solar Guru is highly recommended for all your solar geyser or solar system requirements.

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Answered Questions

Types of solar geysers

There are many different types of solar geysers on the market. Depending on your needs, we will take a look at the most common solar hot water heater products which will best suit your needs. Get in  contact  with a solar geyser expert today for your solar questions.

The sun offers free energy, let's use it!

Benefits of solar geysers

By going converting to a solar geyser, you're contributing on saving the earth from pollution which are generated by the making of electricity from traditional coal.

  • Monthly savings on bills
  • Healthier environment
  • Hot water always available
  • Free solar energy all times
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Solar geyser features

The best solar geyser products key features and information

  • Best  solar geyser prices 

    Save money with excellent solar geyser prices from best suppliers

  • Save energy consumption

    Solar geysers can provide hot water in times without electricity.

  • Electric geysers

    Electric geysers consume the most energy in your home

  • Excellent life expectancy

    A quality solar hot water heater can last for more then 10 years

  • Solar geyser conversions

    Keep your electrical geyser with a solar geyser conversion

  • The future of solar

    Why leave a carbon footprint while solar energy is always available?

  • Save on monthly bills

    Solar energy could reduce your electrical bills drastically

  • Low to no maintenance

    With no moving parts, solar geysers requires little to no maintenance.


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